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The shrinking of industrial design in Japan

JSSD / Japanese Society for the Science of Design held a Spring Conference in June 2022. AT this conference, Promotional Design Study Group participated in the organized session, Industrial design in Japan is introduced to industrial companies under the government's industrial policy aimed at acquiring international competitiveness. Starting in the mid-1950s, manufacturers of automobiles and home appliances began hiring industrial designers directly and applying their designs to product creation. With this achievement, the Japanese manufacturing industry was able to establish an international position.

However, the design activities carried out within companies were separated from product policy and corporate management. It was the appearance formation of the product and the adjustment of manufacturing through it. In other words, in Japan, industrial design was understood as a way to make products better. This seems to have hindered the dynamic development of design after the end of industrial society.

Therefore, the study group regarded the development of industrial design in Japan as a contraction of the concept. In order to understand this, we invited a designer who was responsible for the development of industrial design and held a seminar.

The designers who attended the seminar are: Tanaka Kazuo, Hasumi Takashi, Horikoshi Toshiharu, Koda Kouji and Aoki Shiro