International Forum for Design Research


International Forum for Design Research

IFDR International Forum for Design Research was established as a Community Plaza where design activities gather, talk and collaborate together. The purpose is to discover, develop, and share designs that will lead the next generation.
Design that starts from the human side, design that tries to tackle social issues, and activities that expand the possibilities of design etc. We expect these designs to gather in IFDR Plaza.
Everything starts with free discussion beyond the positions.
IFDR International Forum for Design Research will create an Open Forum that will open up the new next era.

An era when knowledge is tested

Shiro Aoki - IFDR Representative Director

Design begins with accepting someone's suffering. It is not a verbal understanding.. We bite into that suffering. Then swallow everything and slowly digest them. Perhaps that suffering and pain will mediate the rearrangement of the order of the outside world. In that way, new answers and new forms will be created.
The form born in this way does not make a loud statement. It snuggles up to others and speaks humbly. That is why it creates resonance and empathy for people who come into contact with the design. In other words, the recipient also digests the design. This prepares the next design.
I have thought that design is Passion and the process is a digestion of suffering. Perhaps it has been used since ancient times as a way to promote society through a chain of empathy mediated by suffering.
We have to live in the age of war for a while. What should we do to overcome violence and hatred? The design knowledge that begins with suffering should be the first step in opening up a new era.

In design that continues to change

Kazuo Tanaka - GK Design Group Inc.

What is design? If told in a few words, it is “wisdom to explore a better tomorrow.” Since the birth of modern design, the thought has never changed. It is true, however, that the thought has been interpreted in different ways. In particular in Japan, the word Isho (adding a form, color, and pattern to man-made products) had been used for a long time, and design was considered a specialty in the field of art. In one aspect, this interpretation is correct, and its importance will not change in the future.
On the other hand, the digitization process that took place at the end of the 20th century has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic, which resulted in a complete change in the social system. At this point, design has come to play a new role to reframe all phenomena and lead to a better tomorrow.
Design has come to cover areas from hardware to the social system as a whole. Design gives us wisdom to find solutions to various social problems from a perspective of human activities. Now, design solves problems through ever progressing innovations and gives rise to new businesses. It can be said that design today works to objectify and restructure complicated phenomena, and link different dimensions to lead to the most optimal solution.
The International Forum for Design Research connects wisdom on design on a global level and aims to discover a new tomorrow through research and interaction among members.
By networking approaches to design in every country, the Forum attempts to deepen and share excellent wisdom.
Through activities the Forum intends to bring out an indicator of future designs.

Past and Future

Makoto Watanabe - Chiba University

When I started study about industrial in university, it was a time when design was really 'brighten'. I envied the 'postmodern design' that was the design movement in Italy.
Alongside this, I dreamt of working as a designer in the future.
Since then, I have had a variety of experiences, including as a inhouse designer and university professor.
At the same time, design work was transformed with the introduction of various design support tools such as CAD, CG and etc. There was a time when designer said, "Computer is not suited to creative work like design." Later, new areas such as interface design and solution design emerged, expanding the scope of design.
However, I feel that the essence of design has not changed much. Design enriches people. It still seems the same to me to imagine and realize something for that purpose. I also feel that the act is universal.
I realize that no matter how many years of experience I have gained, I have not yet reached a conclusion. I hope to realize something new at this International Design Research Forum.
Our aim is to design for the better world of people forever.

A Moment of Extensive Transformation in Design

Yun Wang - China Academy of Art

From AlphaGO’s 4:1 defeat of Lee Sedol in 2016, to the launch of Tesla’s electric sports car on a rocket, and Facebook’s renaming of Meta, a series of events that we once thought seemed very far away happened one by one. Based on the information age entering the age of intelligence, I can't help to rethink "where is design today?"
"The history of design evolution is the history of the evolution of human life". With the global change induced by the new technological revolution and the extensive transformation accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, design, as a means and method to influence and change the world, especially needs "great love" and "great use". Design is not only an idea to show social value, but also a study of practical application. It is to create a better life for mankind and the common future for human being.
I hope that the International Forum for Design Research can bring together scholars and partners from different countries and cultural backgrounds around the world to reach a new consensus.



青木史郎 - 国際デザイン研究フォーラム



田中一雄 - 株式会社GKデザイン機構

デザインとは何か、あえてその事を一言でいえば「より良い明日を拓く叡智」と考えて もよいだろう。近代デザインの誕生以来、その思想は根源的には変化していない。しかし、 地域の異なりや、時代の変化によって様々な解釈がなされてきたことも事実である。特に 日本においては「意匠」という言葉のもとで、長らく「美術領域の専門性」としてとらえられてきた。このことはある面で間違いではなく、将来にわたってもその重要性は変わることがないだろう。
反面、20世紀の終焉とともに起きた社会のデジタル化は、コロナ禍によって劇的に推 進され社会システムは一変した。ここにおいてデザインは、あらゆる事象をリフレーミン グし「より良い明日」を導く役割を担うものとなった。それは、ハードウエアから社会シ ステム全体までを対象とし、多様な社会課題を人間活動の観点からソリューションする叡智となっている。今やデザインは、日々進化するイノベーションによって課題解決を図り、 新たなビジネスを次々と誕生させている。
今日のデザインは、これら複雑な事象を客観化 し構造化した上で、異なる次元を繋ぎあわせ最適解を導く役割を担っているといえるだろう。
国際デザイン研究フォーラムは、こうしたデザインを巡る世界の叡智を繋ぎ、その研究 と交流によって「新たな明日」を見出すことを目指す。そこでは、世界各国の「デザイン への取り組み」をネットワーク化することによって、優れた叡智の深化と共有化を図って いく。そして、本フォーラム活動を通じて、「次なるデザインの指標」を明らかにしていくものである。

デザイン 過去と未来

渡邉誠 - 千葉大学



王昀 - 中国美術学院

2016年に囲碁プログラムのAlphaGOがトッププロの李世ドルを4対1で破ったこと、テスラの電気自動車がロケットで飛び立ち、FacebookがMetaに社名を変更するなど、かつてはとても遠くに思えた出来事が次々と実現されています。 情報化時代から知能化時代へと移行する中で、「デザインは今どこにあるのだろうかか?」という問いを考えずにはいられません。
「デザイン進化の歴史は、人間生活進化の歴史である」。 あらゆるものに変化をもたらす新たな技術革命と、広範囲な変革を加速させる新たな疫病を前に、世の中に影響を与え、変えていく手段・方法としてのデザインには、特に「愛」と「大用」が求められているのです。 デザインとは、社会的価値を示すアイデアであると同時に、世の中の役に立つことを研究し、人類共通の未来のために、より良い生活を創造するためのものです。