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DIA2021 Award Presentation in Tokyo

The DIA Design Intelligence Award is an international design award that has been held annually since 2015 by the China Academy of Art with the support of the Zhejiang Provincial Government.
Since there are many applications from Japan every year, IFDR is in charge of promotion in Japan under the commission of DIA

Especially after the announcement of the DIA award, IFDR is hosting a seminar to promote in Japan.
In this seminar, we will give a presentation on the main designs of Japan, which won the DIA, as well as a panel discussion on the current issues of design.

The theme of this discussion is "The Role of Form / Shale in the 21st Century".
Today's design is expected to play a role in sharing values and encouraging new activities together. In order to play these roles, we need to re-understand the roles and functions of the form / shape. In this discussion, DIA award-winning designers and judges talk about the form / shape of the design.

This seminar has English and Chinese subtitles and is open to the public from DIA.

Keywords: Japanese design, design issues, form and shape, design award

DIA2021 Award Presentation in Tokyo
Sponsored by
DIA (design Intelligence Award)
International Forum for Design Research
Japan Institute of Design Promotion
Date and Time
December 17, 2021 6:00 pm to 8:30 pm
Japan Institute of Design Promotion " Liaison Center " "Tokyo Midtown" Tower Building 5th floor
Delivery format
You Tube
Later, Chinese / English subtitles will be added and delivered from bilibili


  1. Greetings from the organizer and an overview of DIA2021
  2. Looking back on the screening of DIA2021
    Primary screening (Japan screening ) Professor Kenta Ono Judge Chiba
    University Final screening Jury Judge Shigenori Asakura GK Industrial Design Japan Institute of Design Promotion
  3. Awarded Design Presentation
    Faces Shield "PAND AID" Website
    Folding Chair "stock stack"
    Sewing machine "Better sewing machine for raising children"
    Pediatric sigh sensor
    Domestic robot "LOVOT"
  4. Round table
    Title The role of form / shape in 21st century design
    Screening Judge Kenta Ono and Shigenori Asakura
    Award-winning designer Kota Nezu,Tomoaki Murata
    Moderator Shiro Aoki
  5. Closing and thanks